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lambangSingkawang , one of big city in Kalimantan Barat (West Borneo)located at 145 km north of the capital of West Kalimantan (Pontianak). For tourists who are from outside could come to Singkawang by land or air transportation .

Some of the national airline open flight routes from Jakarta to Pontianak, Medan, Batam, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Kuching and even from Malaysia. Some of sea transport ship owned by PT. PELNI to serve route from Tanjungpinang to Pontianak, Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya. For you that live in Kuching Malaysia can use bus from Kuching – Pontianak , it spend about 10 hours journey through the land border Entekong – Tebedu. For those who use air transportation will be landing in Supadio Airport, to achieve Singkawang, a taxi can be used from the Airport.

Originally Singkawang was a village , that a part of the kingdom of Sambas, Singkawang Village was a place to stop by the merchants and gold searchers from Monterado. The searchers and traders who came mostly from China, before they went to Monterado , they wnr to Singkawang first to take a rest That time, they (the Tionghua) mentions the word Singkawang came from San Keuw Jong, assumes they were from the geographic borders that Singkawang which lies directly to the sea and there are pengunungan and rivers, where water flows from the mountains through the mouth of the river Up to the sea.

imagesIt no doubt that Singkawang is eligibled as “Bali” in West Kalimantan. In addition, It is rich in wide range of beach, city which is called “seribu Vihara” also appeared to have places that be referred to as a bathing place of the family.

Besides beaches, the City of Singkawang is very rich in tourism-made objects. for example the Bougenfil garden . This park is located in the Sijangkung 6 km from Singkawang. In this garden grow many different types of plants and has a collection of dozens of varieties Bougenville. Flowers. In this garden there are facilities for visitors such as: swimming pool for children, Sales of souvenirs and a variety of flower seeds, Canteen which provide food , drinks and fruit juice.

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images9Singkawang is a town in West Kalimantan, which is located at 145 km Nort of Pontianak, is the second largest city after Pontianak in West Kalimantan. Although the second largest city in West Kalimantan, but be regarded this small city not too busy. Most residents work as traders and civil servants. The remaining fishermen, farmers and carpenters. Singkawang peculiarity and uniqueness of the population is comprised of multi-ethnic but with peaceful coexistence. The majority of the residents are descendants of China. That is why this city is called City of Amoy( Girls of Chinese). Easy to find because those amoy have a white beautiful skin


Originally ,Singkawang village is a part of the kingdom of Sambas, Singkawang Village as a famous place by the merchants and gold searcher from Monterado. The gold searcher and traders who came mostly from China, before they go to Monterado they go to Singkawang first to have a rest.That time, they (the Tionghua) mentions the word Singkawang San Keuw Jong, assumes they are from the geographic borders that Singkawang which lies directly to the sea and there are mountains and rivers, where water flows from the mountains through the mouth of the river Up to the sea.

The city has 50,400 hectares, which is divided into five (5) Districts, covers 26 villages. Geographically located at the position between 1080 52 ‘14.19”to the 1090 09’ 44.22”East Longitude and 000 44 ‘57.57”up to 010 00’ 48.65”North Latitude. Distance of ± 145 km from the capital city of Province (Pontianak) and can be reached through land . With the boundary region: in the north is bordered by Selakau,Sambas regency, in the South bordered by District Sungai Raya, Bengkayang regency; in the West bordered with the Natuna Sea ,and in the East is bordered by District of Samalantan, Bengkayang Regency. In general, Singkawang is tropical with average temperatures ranging between 21.80 to 30.050 Celsius.

images7Community life of Singkawang consists of three (3) the largest ethnic, Chinese , Malay and Dayak that live in harmony, to provide color in segregated daily life. Ethnic and cultural diversity provides the characteristics and appeal for the City of Singkawang. There are various cultural events that can be enjoyed from each of the ethnic. For example Cap Go Meh , that is celebrated on the first 15 days in new year Imlek. In the days of this tourist, both domestic and many foreign countries came.. Dragon and barongsai dancing can be watched for free. The most unique celebration which can not be found elsewhere is the procession of Tatung. The Tatung (shaman) who are in-Trance (trance) dance above the hammock seat and made of spears and swords or other sharp weapons without a bit injured. Then they would punch a mouth and face with steel wire and perforated. Now many this VCD’s are sold at shop for souvenirs made for tourists

Beside that , Singkawang is rich with beautiful land and sea resort where many people always visit in weekend or in holiday.

Here are name of the places

1. Taman Pasir Panjang Indah

2. Palm Beach

3. Sinka Island Park ,Sedau Nature Tourism

4. Taman Cidayu Indah

5. Taman Bougenville

6. Taman Teratai Indah

7.. Mount Poteng

8.. Mount Roban

9. Gunung Raya Passi

10. Mount Bagak

11. Teluk Mak Jantu

12. Danau Serantangan

13. Air Terjun Sibohe

14. The Hang Moi Sanggau Kulor Nature Tourism / Tirta

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